Toy Odiakosa  

Toy has worked with hundreds of senior level executives, teams and emerging leaders as a leadership coach, mentor and motivational consultant.  She works in a variety of sectors ranging from the financial sector and manufacturing to elite sports and other world-class institutions.

Toy leads management development programmes on both individual and corporate strategies for success.  She has successfully prepared executives for senior and board level transitions.  Toy's clients are resourceful in their own right.  Her particular interest is in working with clients on developing the potential of their organisations, or the parts they are responsible for.  With the right mix of support and challenge, executives are facilitated to unpack real issues into manageable parcels.

Toy is a subject matter expert on:

  • Onboarding in difficult environments (external and internal hires)
  • Transition to director and partner.
  • Challenges of succession, restructure, merger, acquisition and sale.
  • Upscaling effectiveness through others.
  • Executive teams.

After qualifying in law, Toy's career began as an Accounting and Finance research assistant for Cass Business School.  She joined a FTSE 100 company, working on the registration and defence of world-wide marks and designs Ritz, Turnbull & Asser Jermyn Street Shirtmakers, and Dorchester.  Toy re-specialised with a silver circle law firm in the City of London, working on major projects in Energy and Infrastructure. 

The satisfaction of enabling others to bring their best value forward convinced Toy to further her usefulness in this area.  For the next five years, she studied motivation in the work place, team dynamics, psychology, and what it takes for executives to bridge the gap between knowing and doing, in order to succeed.

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